New Moon Herbs farm


New Moon Herbs Farm is a small scale, very diversified vegetable farm in the Garren Creek valley of Fairview, NC.  We grow a wide variety of vegetable crops using organic and bio-dynamic farming methods.  These methods ensure the fertility of the land which in turn produces healthy, excellent tasting vegetables and fruit crops.  We try to grow a diverse range of heirloom and hybrid varieties to maintain a constant supply of great food throughout the growing season.

We farm about 6 acres of beautiful Garren Creek valley bottom land as well as operate three year round greenhouses.  Our greenhouses allow us the opportunity to have a place for seedling production along with winter and off season vegetable  production.

We have been farming since 1993 with most of that time being a certified organic farm.  Along the way we have gone beyond organic and have adopted bio-dynamic practices. These practices take farming to a new level where the farm is considered its own entity.  All things used on the farm are made right on the farm.  When you nourish the soil you will produce outstanding food and this is our goal.

Located in Fairview, NC